Wantable September 2014 Review

After tweaking my Wantable profile a bit last month, I couldn’t wait to get my September box. I am over summer and so ready to start wearing bold fall colors. Each month, Wantable subscribers will receive 4-5 full-size premium makeup products for $36.00. It’s a pretty good deal if you end up with things that you actually want or need. This month, however, was a complete bomb. Continue Reading

Ipsy September 2014 Review

When I was a kid, my friend and I decided one day that we wanted to dress up as “streetwalkers”. If I remember correctly, we were inspired by some movie based in a big city where all the women were fashionable and edgy and wore lots of makeup. When I asked my mom if she had any makeup we could borrow and explained why we needed it, she was clearly horrified. That was the day I learned about prostitution. Continue Reading

Review: Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette (with Naked Basics Palette)

Urban Decay just had to go back to their roots after all of the Nakedness and come out with the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette. This palette is filled with vivid shades that are otherworldly compared to the Naked palettes. Although I have a very real fear of looking like a rainbow puked on my face, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. Continue Reading

Glossybox June 2014 Review

The Glossybox subscription is $21/month for 5 deluxe and sometimes full-sized items. This month’s box is ‘Merica themed, featuring only products that are made in the US. The patriotic design of the actual box is pretty cute, and it even got here just in time for July 4th. Continue Reading

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Eye Shadow Palette Review

If there is one thing I am terrified to use makeup-wise, it is too much color. I have turned beautiful eye shadow palettes into muddy, embarrassing disasters on my face. There has never been anything rebellious or exciting about my eye shadow, aside from the bright pink I smeared all around my eyes in high school. It probably looked more like eye disease, and likely was at some point when my friends and I decided sharing makeup was a good idea. Continue Reading