Too Faced Pretty Rebel Eye Shadow Palette Review

If there is one thing I am terrified to use makeup-wise, it is too much color. I have turned beautiful eye shadow palettes into muddy, embarrassing disasters on my face. There has never been anything rebellious or exciting about my eye shadow, aside from the bright pink I smeared all around my eyes in high school. It probably looked more like eye disease, and likely was at some point when my friends and I decided sharing makeup was a good idea. Continue Reading

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Collection Review

About a month ago, I invested in a lipstick set by Lipstick Queen. While they turned out to not exactly be my favorite colors of all time, they were EXACTLY what I wanted in a lipstick. They were moisturizing, sheer, not sticky, and didn’t settle into the lines in my lips at all. They also weren’t lipstick flavored, or any other flavor. My dreams had finally come true. I found a lipstick that wasn’t like a lipstick. My tinted lip balm days are over! Continue Reading